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Need Wallpaper Removal in Jacksonville FL?

wallpaper removal in jacksonville fl


Do you have old wallpaper in your home and are needing it removed? We are a local Top-Rated Professional painting company that has over 262 Authentic Online Review on Angie’s List, Google, Better Business Bureau, Houzz, and Yelp. We want to be your go to company for wallpaper removal.

Wallpaper can be outdated in a couple of years after it is put up, and the different styles of wallpaper come and go like the seasons. We offer wallpaper removal in Jacksonville FL and we are proud to say we can do it right. It takes years of experience to get good at this skill of wallpaper removal and you also need drywall experience as the walls may need much repair after the wallpaper removal.

The Best Way to do Wallpaper Removal in Jacksonville FL

We can remove wallpaper in many different ways. We typically will use a score machine and water or a light chemical glue remover to aid us in pulling the paper off. This is the score machine below, it punctures the wallpaper and then we can spray some water or a light chemical glue remover to aid in removal.  It is a given, that some wallpaper removal is harder then others, but this is the general method we use.

wallpaper removal in jacksonville fl       wallpaper removal in Jacksonville fl


Wallpaper removal in Jacksonville FL is not something I recommend doing yourself. It is tedious hard work and a lot of times the removal causes imperfections in the drywall. It takes a real pro to get the walls looking smooth again. As you look around for professional companies that offer wallpaper removal in Jacksonville FL you will see many who offer this service but only a few who can do it properly. We are one of the only companies in town that offer a truly professional painting service.  Wallpaper removal in Jacksonville FL is a skill set all of its own. I know a lot of people claim they have years of experience removing wallpaper and then the minute it gets difficult they lose patience. Our professional painters are good at removing the wallpaper and we will never rest until all of it is off. Trust our professionals to do wallpaper removal in Jacksonville FL on time and on budget. Our company want to be the professional painters you choose to do every project now and in the future. Call straight edge painting for all your wallpaper removal needs. We look forward to serving you soon.

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