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We are a Top-Rated Professional Painting Company who offers popcorn ceiling removal. Our company has over 262 Authentic Online Reviews on Angie’s List, Google, The Better Business Bureau, Houzz, and Yelp. We now offer popcorn ceiling removal in Jacksonville FL. Consider hiring our company to do the work, as it does take a professional company like ours to do it right.  Our company will make sure it looks great and lasts over time. We offer a flat finish or knockdown texture after popcorn ceiling removal.

If you don’t like the look of those outdated popcorn ceilings in your home you may want to think about doing popcorn ceiling removal. Updating your ceiling with a more modern look of knockdown texture or a flat finish can totally transform the look and feel of your home. Trust your popcorn ceiling removal to us as we have a track record of excellence in all our service offerings.

Professional Service: Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Jacksonville FL

popcorn ceiling removal jacksonville fl

We make popcorn removal and re-texturing look easy as our seasoned popcorn ceiling removal pros have the experience and expertise to have learned enough along the way to not have to experiment anymore. We have proven strategies and systems in place to do popcorn ceiling removal efficiently, and to put a nice new texture of your choosing back in its place. We can either do knockdown or flat finish. They are both nice upgraded finishes, but it may just depend on your taste on which one you end up choosing.

Our popcorn ceiling removal in Jacksonville FL service takes the following steps to do the removal. We will mask off the entire work area with plastic, this is biggest part of the removal. Removing popcorn is very easy, containing the mess is the hard part. We take all the precautions and plastic off the walls, floors, and any furnishing  you may have. Next, we wet the popcorn down with a sprayer, wait 10-15 minutes and then we start scraping the popcorn off.  Next we will sand the ceilings and do any needed repairs. The extent of the repair work will be dependent on weather you are doing a flat finish or a knockdown texture. A flat finish will take much repair to achieve the smooth look but a knockdown texture generally covers all small imperfections. After the ceilings are finished, with either all the repairs for the flat finish or after we spray the knockdown texture- it is time to prime and paint the ceilings. Our normal process is to do one coat of primer to seal all drywall repairs or knockdown texture and then we do one top coat of finish paint.

Removing popcorn is not a project you just want to trust to anyone. The difference in an average job and a great job is huge and it takes years of practice to get good at popcorn ceiling removal. A lot of things can go wrong with the ceiling with the passing of time if all of the repairs are not made properly, and the small details of the new finish can be compromised if they company does not know what they are doing.  Please call Straight Edge Painting for your next popcorn ceiling removal in Jacksonville FL.


After the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Choose the Right New Finish


Knockdown Texture:

popcorn ceiling removal jacksonville fl

A lot of newer homes are using a texture on the ceilings called knockdown. Its a modern look and it’s a great look on the ceiling. Due to the nature of the process there are really no imperfections that can be seen if the knockdown is applied properly. It’s a nice change from the wall texture and breaks up the ceilings and walls nicely. This is one choice of texture you have after the popcorn ceiling removal.


Flat Finish:

popcorn ceiling removal jacksonville fl

A flat finish is an ultra-modern way to go if you are looking for a smooth ceiling. It seems to open the room up more and if finished properly can really look great in a home. A lot of people who don’t like texture prefer the flat and smooth appearance and it is a unique look all of its own. This is the other choice of finish you have after the popcorn ceiling removal.

About us: Straight Edge Painting

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We are Painting Professionals in Jacksonville Florida and we are a Full Service Painting Company. We are one of the Highest Rated Painters in our area and we sure would love to show you the Straight Edge Painting difference. We have a lot of integrity and this is something not to commonly found in our industry. Our Top Concern is in doing a High Quality Job our Customers. If you are in the market for popcorn ceiling removal in Jacksonville FL then you have landed at the right place. Free Quotes!


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