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Painting is not something you do everyday and when you get ready to search for local house painters you may not know where to turn for help. There are dozens of places you could look: online, the local paint stores, local magazine publications, and you could just ask friends and neighbors.

First of all you have to ask yourself what is more important, cost or quality. The two are totally different measures when considering local house painters.  In the house painting industry you can rarely get a high quality, long lasting paint job for a low price.  You may occasionally stumble across a one man operation that can do a quality job for a low price but he would not be able to handle big jobs with timeframes in mind. If you have a very large project that will require many man hours you may have to reach out to the more reputable established local house painters in your area.

The best place to find local house painters is google search

A quick google search for local house painters and you will soon discover about 10-20 options at you fingertips. I would go for a proven track record that should be able to easy recognized through local reviews. Google, houzz, yelp, the bbb, and angies list are great places to look for reviews. You want to make sure the good reviews to bad reviews ratio is at least 10:1.  You can’t make everyone happy this day and age and some local house painters are just bound to get a ding or two on their record overtime. Sometimes the reviews may be bogus and you have to be careful about that too. They can be fake reviews left by friends, and I’ve even heard of some services that offer to post reviews for money. This is very unethical and the business owner who does this can never succeed as this is a short cut mentality. Some bad reviews can be left by competition or disgruntled workers as well. With all this being said, do a google search for local house painters and see if you can find some good options for your project!

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